Two professional resin removers for indoor sports facilities


Do you clean indoor sports facilities where handball is played?
Are you struggling to remove handball resin residue?

A new season without any resin-related trouble awaits you:
Wetrok has THE professional resin remover solution for you:

Wetrok Reshine Sport (universal resin remover for the entire surface)
✔️Removes all resin types (tree resin and water-soluble bonding agents)
✔️Does not affect playing court lines
✔️Even removes black scuff marks while you’re at it

Wetrok Reshine Sport Booster (spot cleaner for areas with stubborn resin soiling)
✔️Strong solution for extreme situations
✔️Removes all resin types (tree resin and water-soluble bonding agents)
✔️Versatile (pitch, goal posts, door handles, locker rooms)

Good to know: The Booster is also suitable for removing label or adhesive residue from metal, glass, ceramic and hard plastic surfaces.

Guaranteed success:
Both cleaning products remove all types of resin and dirt without residues.

How to remove resin using Reshine Sport

Potential areas of application:

  • Indoor sports facilities
  • Gymnasiums
  • Handball halls
  • Changing rooms
  • Equipment storage facilities

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