The best just got better


The scrubber-dryer Mambo is Wetrok’s bestseller and popular around the world. Following a comprehensive redesign, the Discomatic Mambo is now setting new standards in terms of cleaning quality, durability and handling. It is the perfect solution for cleaning small to medium-sized areas. Cleaning experts are bound to appreciate the machine’s cost-efficiency, reliability, eco-friendliness and easy handling.

High cleaning performance and manoeuvrability

The newly designed scrubber-dryer is characterised by its manoeuvrability. Navigating even tight spaces is child’s play with the Discomatic Mambo. With its working width of 43 centimetres, it achieves a theoretical area performance of up to 1,720 square metres per hour.

The increased brush pressure of 32 kg allows for even more effective cleaning of various types of hard flooring, including tiles, stone, concrete, plastic and epoxy. The patented suction nozzle with Power-Whirl technology reliably absorbs general soiling, grease residue and spilled liquids, so that the floors are dry and ready to be walked on again right after cleaning.

The lithium iron phosphate battery guarantees a low level of energy consumption. It allows for over three hours of uninterrupted scrubbing and vacuuming, and the 36 litre fresh and wastewater tanks are big enough to last for over an hour of cleaning before needing to be refilled or emptied. The machine can also impress with its ergonomic design: cleaning staff members are able to adjust the upright handle to their body height while the machine is in operation. This ensures fatigue-free, uninterrupted work!


Effortless servicing and simplified handling

The display of the Discomatic Mambo can be used intuitively, making it easy to operate for all users.  What is more, the machine’s noise level is very low, at just 60 dB(A), making it suitable for cleaning highly frequented or noise-sensitive areas without having to compromise when it comes to its performance. Servicing the Discomatic Mambo is also really convenient, and the patented magnetic coupling allows for the suction nozzle to be demounted without tools. The quick refill system is designed to ensure that the water tank can be refilled quickly and conveniently. The tank has an even greater volume and a clearer layout to provide for easier servicing. The easy-to-replace HEPA filter cleans the exhaust air, and it therefore contributes to a massive reduction of germ transmission.


The bigger opening and squeezable wastewater hose allows for targeted emptying of the wastewater tank after the cleaning work is done. Removing and cleaning the coarse dirt sieve is also a very simple process.

The machine’s user-friendliness is apparent even when it is not in use. The automatically extending support wheel allows for the scrubber-dryer to be moved from one place to another without needing a great deal of effort.


Sustainability for the good of the environment

Wetrok is committed to protecting the environment, too. The Discomatic Mambo’s smart dosing system makes sure that only the necessary amount of cleaning solution is used. In addition, the recycled PET brushes of the disc brush system contribute further to the machine’s sustainability.

Durability and sturdiness

Great engineering skill and Wetrok’s tried-and-tested quality are evident in every last detail of the new Discomatic Mambo. By guaranteeing that replacement parts will be available for ten years, Wetrok stresses its commitment to durability and sturdiness. The Discomatic Mambo can withstand the most demanding cleaning jobs and a continuously strong performance is guaranteed over a long period of time.

Customers can benefit from the following new features:
☑️ Suction nozzle with patented Power-Whirl technology and patented magnetic coupling
☑️ Greater brush pressure
☑️ Suction motor with sound insulation
☑️ Quick refill system with overfill protection
☑️ Greater tank volume (36 l)
☑️ HEPA micro filter
☑️ Wastewater hose with a larger cross-section
☑️ Coarse dirt sieve
☑️ PET brushes made of recycled material
☑️ Suction nozzle with snap lock for replacing the suction lips
☑️ Tank with clear and easy to access interior
☑️ Splash-protection for intricate components
☑️ Level sensor in wastewater tank
☑️ LED lighting
☑️ Easy to reach plug socket for charging the machine
☑️ Flow-rate measuring

Get to know the new Discomatic Mambo: